About Me

Cecile Kaptcheu

Cecile Kaptcheu

Life Transformation Coach

My passion is to inspire & empower you, raise into your vision & purpose to easily succeed in your career, relationships, finances & live a harmonious life!

I believe we are created to enjoy a great life. We are powerful than any conditions or situations we may be facing at any moment in our lives. “Within each of us, is a natural force, filled with good instincts, passionate of creativity, ageless and infinite knowing…”

In fact, we all, start at the same point, wondering what our dreams are ; then engaging in the process of taking our first steps toward their achievement, we are met with roadblocks & challenges. The difference between those who achieve their dreams & those who don’t, lay in our willingness to accept support and guidance along our path.


Wealth Activator Queen

 I help Daring CEO Men easily make money without burnouts or frustrations.

My story


Early life


I have served several organizations around the world for more than twenty years, after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in accounting and administration in 1993.

Having experienced several dysfunctions in my journey, I decided to find answers to personal questions I had during these experiences.

This quest leaded me into undertaking personal development training in a coaching school.

And now...

My new found clarity from new information has helped me take control of my life. Then, I found myself enjoying sharing what I had learned with others, and also the lessons learned through these experiences.

It eventually became my passion to lead others to write their own path to success, inspiring them to fulfill their life dreams.

I am in harmony with myself, authentic and natural. I now lead my life from a place of fullness and happiness; radiating unconditional love to others.

I hope you will allow yourself to let your story be written too!

What's next?

I am here to motivate, inspire & help you achieve your deepest dreams. I challenge you to decide to chase after them, regardless of your current circumstances. I am committed to help you explore your potential to achieve your own success through my one-on-one coaching program.

Ready for this challenge? Book your free strategy call, so we can get together & get you started.

You are always one decision away from a totally different life!

To your success,

Cecile Kaptcheu.