Become A Money Creator Queen / King !!!




Two Personalized 1:1 coaching during for 30 Days!!! 🔥🔥🔥 BECOME MONEY CREATOR NOW”” 💥💥💥😍!

30 (daily) emails sharing tools and strategies to help you align with your desired level of finance.

This program is purposely a condense version of my 12-week transformation VIP program!

It’s really customized with tools and short exercises to master your power of using your imagination to become the powerful creator you are here to be.

In this journey of 30 days, I am going to teach you how to focus and stop paying drama filled reality.

It’s fully packed with much more juicy stuffs and tools to rock your world now!

Here’s where, we simply break down everything you need to know to shift your focus to become the YOU, constantly and unexpectedly being in the flow of money in your experience.

It’s time from manifesting by default & lack; to collapse time, space & reality to consciously monitor your money flow to you on demand.

This is for you if:

  • You’re sick & tired of pushing, hustling, doubting, worrying & feeling powerless of getting just enough to get by & call-in money.
  • You need to bring extra cash in very fast …
  • You have maxed-up credit cards & are finding yourself attracting unwanted bills constantly…
  • You hardly fall asleep at night, because of your racing thoughts & playing what-if’s scenarios…
  • You always build dramas in your head & feel lonely & separated from everything else…
  • You have tried stuffs in manifesting like, being positive, affirmations or vision boards… and you’re getting nowhere….
  • You’re new to this manifesting game and want to start consciously creating what you are longing for and don’t really know how to start.
  • You are wanting to step into your power and understand when you are in resistance to your flow and how to shift its direction.
  • You are curious on how to allow money into your experience,
  • You want to know how to align with money so you can easily welcome more into your experience.
  • And much more tips.

This is fully focused on money, as it is linked to every part of your life, of supporting and helping you to lead your life with ease and freedom.

My tools & shorts exercises will rock your world. Here’s just the taste of what will happen by the end of this program:

  • Steady flow of money & abundance
  • More flow of money coming in from expected & unexpected source…
  • Ease with money (if you’re working, promotion, gifts, …) & clients (if you’re in business…)
  • More Joy, more energy, more fun…

Here is the outline of what we will cover: 🔥🔥🔥.

  • What’s keeping money away, why you are struggling to call in more money?
  • How to shift your limiting beliefs around having money?

*  How to increase your capacity to receive more money?

  • How to release your blocks to welcome more money?
  • How to stay in receptive mode, even when you are mad or feeling sad.
  • How to own your state of being your future self of your next level, while staying detached to what’s surrounding you?
  • How to overcome procrastination, let go of should’s, must’s & have to’s & own your power ….
  • How to connect to your deeper knowing, every time you need to choose & decide what’s feels right to you?
  • How to trust and play with your flow?
  • Becoming magnetic, being Who You Truly Are & change the world around you/.

*   Identifying and Healing Blocks, whenever they arise in your thoughts.

  • Staying Consistent in Order to receive with ease,
  • Keeping Focused on your Vision,


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