So, how do one stop worrying about money?

You might think that I am pretty chill and never worry about money. Well, that is true about 80% of the time for me.

But It wasn’t always that way. Growing up, we were always worried about money. I spent my teenage, twenties and even thirties always worried about money, so I know exactly how it feels.

This is why I have choose to share some really good tips about how to stop money stress and take your income to the next level this week. No matter how real and permanent your money worries might feel, working on your mindset is crucial for you to own well-being and learn how to get rid of money stress.

Have you noticed that when you’re really stressed out about money that suddenly it gets worse?

  • You have more bills come in, you find all these unexpected expenses or maybe your car breaks down.
  • All this necessities stuff happens and seems to compound.

It’s not that you’re necessarily creating it, it’s just that you’re not in the right mindset to reverse the situation.

Each problem feels like it’s getting worse. So, here are the 4 steps to help ease your money stress:

Step 1… #1 Voice your fears.

Yes, it’s that important. talking or writing about it, but at least acknowledging to yourself what you’re worrying about. Sometimes you can just go around with this low-level feeling of dread, but you don’t even know WHY you’re feeling that way. Sometimes there’s nothing actually wrong, but you might be experiencing an upper limit problem. As Gay Hendricks share in his book The Big Leap, everyone has their own upper limit of happiness, success or even money. When you hit that, you start to feel uncomfortable and you might even start to sabotage it.

So – it’s really important to voice your fears. Here are few questions to help: What are you worried about right now?

  • Are you worried about bills?
  • Are you worried about not attracting enough clients?
  • Are you worried about something that hasn’t even happened yet?

It’s better to get it out than in like farts.

#2 Know your numbers

  • How much do you really need right now?
  • How much do you want to make? Do you even know?

Some peoples often feel worried about money and it’s just a vague feeling and they really don’t know what they’re scared about and how they can fix it.

But –often they also don’t know how much they need. They just say, “I want more money,” and then they find a penny in the street and think, “That’s not what I had in mind,” this is why you get to be more specific, when it comes to this aspect.

So find out …How much do you need to stop worrying? Put a figure on it and know what you’re asking for. Otherwise, your vague requests are going to return vague results. If debt is a major source of stress for you, assess everything and  put together a plan to get out of debt and clear up your mindset around debt.

#3 Make a plan

After you voice your fears and know your numbers, you can make a plan to make you feel better about it. You can look at one of those specific fears and try and come up with a plan to lessen your fear.

Maybe you fear you’re going to lose something important if you don’t get more income flow this month (that might be true, or it might be a completely unfounded fear). Maybe you think something really bad is going to happen if you aren’t successful in business or your career this year.

Rather than walking around with this vague fear, make a plan about how you’re going to get those extra revenues. Do an honest assessment of where you’re at right now.

#4 Knowing in your bones that “ You are enough”

You are enough. You’re doing enough. You’re doing great.

Because, if you don’t get rid of this feeling now, money is not going to solve that problem.

That sounds really harsh because you might think, “All I need to do is win the lottery and all my dreams will come true and everything will be perfect.”

The truth is that when people suddenly get a lot of money, they’re still the same person with the same fears and worries, which cause them to recreate the representation of what they are still believing internally. Money doesn’t solve the problem at all. The problem is solved from the way you feel from the inside out. When you feel good about yourself and feel good about your money, then you can take action to do something about it.

You can grow your abundance because you’re not coming from a place of lack.

Here is a quick recap: When you’re worried about money:

1 Voice your fears

2 Know your numbers – Know how much you need and know how much you want to make

3 Make a plan – What’s going to help you overcome some of those fears

4 Know that you’re enough. You are enough and you can do it.

It might seem unrealistic now, but you can totally get to a place where you don’t worry about money anymore and where the amount of money that you have in your life is just a tool for you to create your dream life!

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step. Ready for this challenge? Let’s connect to get you there…#moneystress #Power