About me

Cecile Kaptcheu

Cecile Kaptcheu

Life Transformation Coach

My passion is to inspire & empower you, raise into your vision & purpose to easily succeed in your career, relationships, finances & live a harmonious life!

I believe we are created to enjoy a great life. We are powerful than any conditions or situations we may be facing at any moment in our lives. “Within each of us, is a natural force, filled with good instincts, passionate of creativity, ageless and infinite knowing…”

In fact, we all, start at the same point, wondering what our dreams are ; then engaging in the process of taking our first steps toward their achievement, we are met with roadblocks & challenges. The difference between those who achieve their dreams & those who don’t, lay in our willingness to accept support and guidance along our path.


My story


Early life

Thanks to my parents, I can help you double/triple your business or personal life finances, while working half the time so you can do life on your terms.

Why – 1 – Abandoned twice in my childhood: 1st given away by my late parents’ at 2 ½ years to my late Aunt, then abandoned 2 months after following an argument with her spouse. Still being a child while she has just gave bird to my sibling, mom & dad gave me away to maintain their schedule of chasing, hunting & hustling for more money so they can sustain their lifestyle in the 70’s. My aunt has to leave me behind too, so she can chase a bright future with a new lover, as she has just realized she can’t settled!

Back home aged 6 ½ year – I then, got to start kindergarten as all kids. And this early life experiences help-built self-trust & determination to succeed, then commit to back myself on my dreams of living a possible bright future.

And now...

Why – 2 – Getting back home get me to become conscious of the power of money & how it could change people’s life experiences by witnessing my parent’s lifestyle comparing to my village’s experience. My late mom had chosen her future based on her self-trust that she deserve instead of settling like my late aunt at first. I then choose to serve in several corporations around the world chasing, hustling, pushing so hard in accounting & finances with my bachelor’s degree in Accounts & Finances from Cameroon University of Yaoundé obtained in 90’s.

This has helped me built over 20+ years experiences of sustainable renewed skillsets. I am still using this skill to support my clients in accounting. Aside of this, since 2018, I have found a new passion of leading entrepreneurs & professionals into generating more financial ressources working half the time, so they can focus on their hobbies and pamper themselves, while making more joyful & happy moments in life with loved ones.

Why – 3 – Established in Canada, I realized that I was also hunting, chasing, and hustling for money, even after committing to myself not to follow that generational wound. So, I decided to fetch additional skillsets and became a financial abundance generation masterful coach, using my life experiences, plus my additional skillsets acquired though transformational coaching certifications, then uplevel with my Master in Adults Education & Formation from  UQAM.

What's next?

Today, I am well equipped and all set, helping Entrepreneurs & Professionals just like you, break-up with chasing, hunting, pushing, controlling, so they can double or triple their financial ressources – Land that dreamed job or promotion, while working half the time, so they can have more of family & fun time, doing life harmoniously on their terms in the course of 60 to 90 days.

Applying these teachings in my own life has drastically led me to great abundance in all areas of my life, more freedom, more options, and choices. The bonus is, I am living a meaningful joyous & loving life while contributing in an impactful way to others just like you if you choose.

Feeling like connecting? Or do you know someone who could use some clarity today? I will love to connect through a 30 mns free chat and offer a safe space for you or them to explore what’s kicking on the inside or gain more clarity for that next meaningful step towards your/their desires. The value shared in these sessions are life changing & guarantee clarity, confidence boost & motivate anyone willing & serious to act on that next step towards their longing desire, with natural focused attention. I am here for you & I believe we all deserve to be open and receive any goodness coming our way.

This is my way of making a difference for those around. I believe no matter where you are at, or what you’ve been through, financial abundance is your birthright & you deserve to open up to the possibilities of increasing the level you are at now. And it will always start with doubling or tripling what’s in your purse right now through my simple strategies I promise and deliver to those just like you, who dared to trust in my gifts and commit to improve their lives, on this ride of life!

Ready for this? I will love to connect and help. All you get to do is click here and book your free 30 mns chat & we move from there!

Learning how to generate more money leads to financial abundance, it’s your birthright!!!

To your success,

Cecile Kaptcheu.