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Do you ever feel like you’re a spectator in your own life? Or like things are just happening around you, while you only watch, wait and struggle to keep up?

What if, this is happening because you aren’t tuning to your WHOLE self?

Let’s start with our brain; Most of us, think of our brain as, it does all our thinking. But the brain is just one part of your overall nervous system. And that whole system is complex, knowledgeable, and full of information for you!

In fact, your entire body is collecting information about the world around you every second of every day. Your nervous system reaches every part of your body and behaves in ways, we’re just starting to understand; as scientists have just discovered cells in gut, that could send messages to your brain in 100 milliseconds!

So… why do we put so much energy into ignoring it?

So many of us focus on what we can think through, logically, inside our brain, and push away the wealth of information our bodies are trying to give us. For most people, we’ve been conditioned throughout life to focus on our logic, pushing everything else aside.

We ignore gut feelings, shake off that feeling on the back of our neck and for our intuition, guessing them as “nagging doubt”, “cold feet” or “nervous tummy”. So, tuning into our whole selves, means, taking advantage of all information being registered throughout our bodies, so we can clearly see our own big picture.

This is why you feel like a spectator.

When you watch a movie, you only see what the camera shows you. When you only view the world through your logical brain, you’re missing the bigger picture your whole brain is trying to show you. That’s why you feel disconnected. It’s why you keep making the same choices over and over again. It’s why you can’t seem to get out of your root. It’s why times of chaos and uncertainty can throw you so out of whack. Learning to lead through chaos and uncertainty; especially during times like now, is a powerful way of not only thriving through the chaos, but also to start tapping into your whole self – to fully experience the world around you.

1 – Start from you.

Mastering leadership starts with, mastering leading yourself. Tune into your inner experience and face it, fully. What you refuse to face ends up running your life, instead of you being firmly the CEO of your life. When you tap into the wholeness of your inner experience, you’re able to see more clearly where you are in the moment and the next best steps moving forward.

You’re able to:

  • Make decisions that move you in the right direction for you,
  • Be intentional in your impact, and
  • Approach chaos and uncertainty from a responsive – not reactive – mindset.

The more you work on yourself, Tune into what scares you, angers you, is coming up for you; the more you can then support others.

2 – Mindset.

Instead of saying, “Oh shit, why is this happening to me?” Try, “holy shit! How can this make me grow?” In times of chaos, “Oh shit” mentality is common and even understandable. The problem is that, it gets you stuck in a mindset of things just happening to you and you can’t do anything about it.

By continually asking yourself – in chaotic times and peaceful ones – how you can grow from what’s happening, you keep yourself in a mindset of forward, positive movement.

3 – Create from whatever is happening.

Keep asking, “What else is possible?” Even tiny steps outside the box can create meaningful results.

4 – Embrace aggressive transparency.

People remember how you respond or do not respond. Show that you put people first, even when the path is difficult, not just when it’s easy. As humans, we are so perceptive. Even if we can’t clearly identify “he’s scared of something” or “she’s holding back”, we notice changes in mood, energy, tone of voice and so on. When you can name something, you take away its power. Be fully transparent.

5 – Tune into your body.

A critical part of self-leadership is tapping into the messages your body is sending you and understanding how to use those messages in partnership with your logical brain. The wisdom in your body is your bridge to life around you and living in your head, cuts you off from what your body can tell you.

When you tune into your body, you’re able to:

  • Feel your next best move.
  • To show up with authenticity, leading from the best parts of yourself, and
  • Face your own anxieties with vulnerability and courage.
  • To fully appreciate and accept the humanity in yourself and those around you, giving you a huge advantage in understanding intuitively, how best to help put others at ease, recognize and encourage their strengths, and inspire them towards a path of continuous personal and professional growth.

Interested in further self-leading and empowering? A coach helps you tap into your whole body to understand and integrate the messages coming in. They act as a sounding board, help you see your blind spots, where you might be stuck, hold you accountable for taking real steps forward, and teach you powerful tools to help you create from everything around you.  Feel free to Connect with me to discuss the possibilities.

Wishing you an energizing day,