Today, I want to talk about your IMPACT…. And doing this with deep love and respect…
Because life comes down to two things:

#1. Who did you dare give yourself the courage and audacity to become?

  • Were you brave?
  • Were you truly excellent in everything you did or started?
  • Did you live with authenticity and your truth?
  • Were you living in accordance with your own values, convictions, and truth?
  • Or were you following someone else agenda?

#2: How many people did you help or impacted their lives just being you?

  • How much value did you create?
  • How many people did you deeply impact?

The bottom line is YOU have to believe in YOURSELF.

Because the world needs to see your mastery. The world needs you to transform lives.

And the world needs you to TAKE ACTION…even when things are scary and uncertain.
Don’t give up on your vision and ambition. No matter what,  
Commit to NO EXCUSES.
Because beneath every excuse is a FEAR.
But beneath every ELITE athlete, professional, and thought leader…is the strength to PERSEVERE.

  • Bravery is a muscle.
  • Creativity is a muscle.
  • Mastery is a muscle.

And guess what? You either USE it or LOSE it.

The truth is if you want to 2x your IMPACT…

  • You need to 2x the investment in yourself.
  • Your education.
  • Your business.

When you know more, you can produce more, and you can achieve more. STILL don’t believe me?

Then it’s time to start believing in YOURSELF.

Because you give yourself what you feel you deserve. And if you don’t feel you deserve greatness, you’ll find ways to sabotage yourself,

procrastinate on great inspired ideas, hustle, push, control, and sacrifice everything to get it then, because deep down you believe you don’t deserve, you will either give it away and resent, or interesting circumstances will appear like from nowhere so you can spend it all. So, if you’re not getting what you deserve, now you know why…
Think about this:

  • Are you getting in your own way?
  • Are you struggling to be and do what you’ve made up your mind to do?
  • Are you spinning your wheels?

Maybe it’s time to give yourself what you TRULY deserve.
Whether or not you decide to connect with me today, for a free clarity session, by clicking here, so you can set some powerful intentions to guide your steps on this marvelous new year …

Be better.
Be amazing.
And stop waiting for the perfect story. The “perfect” timing. The “perfect” whatever you choose.
Because other people deserve to hear your story and be helped by you, other people deserve to witness your gifts so they can shine their own light bright, other people deserve to see the reel you. You were MADE for this.
Step up to the plate. It’s your time. And I would love to help.

Happy new year again,

With much love and joy,