Your real self is who you are when you release all labels, judgments, and stories that you’ve set upon yourself.
You become your natural self, when you release the pretentiousness and get rid of all of the masks.
In fact, people are always telling others to “be yourself” but most have no idea what these two words actually mean.
There’s a lot more to this little phrase than what they may realize. It’s true that they know themselves better than anyone else could. They understand their own feelings, know what they like and dislike, and are probably their own best friend.
The thing is, the reason people compare themselves to others is, they fail to see their own strengths, and frown when looking in the mirror.
These type of feelings mean they’re a long way from being their true self; they’re being who others expect them to be, and that’s why they’re unhappy, emotionally spent and disconnected.

Here’re are some steps that will help with uncovering one’s real nature:
1. Follow your passion and be yourself, by feeding your spirit, mind, and soul.
Today, money is used as a measure of a person’s success. A lot of young professionals accept higher paying jobs to make others proud and to boost their ego. They are unwittingly making themselves miserable in a job that isn’t fulfilling or enjoyable.
They’re lying to themselves by pretending to be happy while living their lives in quiet hopelessness. Sadly, people view one another in the terms of their titles at work and their salaries. They believe that these two things are at the core of a person’s self-worth. People need to concentrate on just being themselves which in turn will feed the mind, spirit, and soul. They need to make the change and cultivate their passion and spend their time on work that is fun.
2. Be yourself with your inner child and have some fun.
When children are young, they’re carefree and don’t care what anybody thinks about them because they’re happy right at that moment. They’re their own characters because they haven’t been made to fit in with a society’s rules & regulations.
They have fun running, playing, and jumping wherever they are and don’t care what anybody thinks. Children are simply pure light and love.
When people get in touch with their inner child, they become free by playing, enjoying the moment, and having fun. They need to understand just how serious and stiff they’ve become and tap back into that which has been forgotten. People seem to play roles to fit in and crush their true nature because they fear what others will think. Be free and have fun!
3. No matter who’s in front of you, be yourself by finding your inner strengths.
We need to embrace ourselves and our personalities no matter how different we are from others.
We could be extrovert, spontaneous or introvert, a bit awkward. These are just labels, that aren’t important because a person is what they feel and think.
We Need to relax and get rid of all the pretending and never change our self because we want to fit in. We need just to be our self and find our strengths regardless of who ever we may face. If other people are genuine; they’ll accept this “real” person that we are being.
Tune into your feelings and be yourself, to be in a peaceful state.
When we tune into ourselves, we achieve a sense of being at peace which makes us strong enough to deal with any stress or conflict.
When we are in touch with our feelings, we understand more about ourselves when dealing with sadness, happiness, fear or anger. These emotions will be acknowledged and accepted with no denial.
In this peaceful state, it’s easier for us, to gain our composure and remain calm. If we’re afraid, we’ll change our mindset to find the cause of the fear. If sadness occurs, we’ll realize that to appreciate the happier moments; we must suffer some grief, and this is just a part of life.
4. Be yourself by becoming more aware of your thoughts.
It’s unbelievable how many negative thoughts run through a person’s mind every day. And after a period of time, reality begins to take a form that’s based on these negative patterns of thinking. So, we need to be aware of our thoughts and their quality. Spending time alone helps unlock our potential, and this should be done every morning.
Sit quietly for a few minutes and allow whatever thoughts to come to mind, to come in and then leave without paying them much attention. Then, throughout the day, we need to continue to observe our thoughts. By becoming more aware of them and letting them go, we will be more in the present and can reveal our true nature.
5. Trust your intuition to be yourself.
Following your intuition is one of the most essential parts of being yourself. Begin slowly by following those little urges and nudges you get in your solar plexus. These Small steps Will lead to larger ones as you start to trust your intuition. Then you’ll be transported to your authentic self, which is the real you.
Most people believe a wise decision is practical and serves a purpose, but this isn’t always the case. By making a decision on what is thought to be right, and not what is felt to be right, it’s far harder to achieve harmony with who you are inside. So make should make their decisions by following their intuition and their soul will be satisfied.
6. You need to get out of your shell to be yourself and become more authentic.
One of the biggest issues with people learning to be themselves is that they want to do everything at once. They want to get rid of their masks and all of a sudden become totally authentic with everyone. Well, it just doesn’t work this way. The ways that they’re socially inauthentic need to be identified before they can be corrected one at a time.
People Need to get out of their shell gradually to be more authentic in their lives. This process begins by setting small goals to change and work to achieve them one by one. These little goals will soon be reached, and people will find themselves acting entirely different when dealing with other people.
7. Calm down and be assured that it’s okay to be yourself.
A vast number of people feel tense or anxious when they’re trying to be themselves. What they need to do first is to calm down while assuring that’s it’s perfectly alright to be themselves. The trick here is that this is all done by some self-talk. This is an essential skill to conquer, which is an inner dialog, in a way that’s reassuring and constructive.
They need to tell themselves that it’s okay to be their real self, and if others don’t like it, that’s their problem. This self-talk helps the anxiety and tension disappear and will make it easier for people to interact with others in a social setting.
8. Deal with your anxiety
It is possible that your lack of positive self image is more than just a little lack of confidence. It could be a result of some serious social anxiety. If this is the case these steps still might help, but you may need to go a step further to deal with the roots of its cause, so you can open up and have a joyful life experience.

Thank you for reading,
Have a great week