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“It’s my passion to help you break your goal into manageable steps, track your progress, identify and overcome your personal roadblocks.”          — Cecile Kaptcheu



I believe abundance and prosperity that you desire, is your birthright.
In fact, wealth is not limited to money or materials. Its original meaning is linked to well-being. Getting rich has 100% nothing to do with money.
I am here to help you overcome your financial fears, sabotage & blockages.”
No one ignore that nagging feeling when you bid less than your presumed value? Or when you procrastinate sending that invoice to a potential client? Or the fact that your income has stagnated…..
I am here, to help you normalize wealth, identify & release any sabotages or blocks that are holding you back from receiving more money.
My mission is to help every entrepreneur or anyone wishing, to get empowered with tools & support, while building their passion, based on their personal values ​​& convictions; in order to escape the trial & error often encountered when, browsing through the wealth of available information!
I’m really good at what I do & I’ve helped a lot of people completely change their relationship with money; It would be my joy to support you on your unique journey.
I would love to be the sister friend who lead you in your journey with your personal core values.

Hi, I’m Cecile, life coach

My mission is to help entrepreneurs identify & release any sabotage or blockages that keep them from having the results or impact they want in their reality.
Through my personalized, tailor-made coaching sessions, entrepreneurs or anyone wishing to achieve their goals; overcome their fears & financial worries, free themselves from sabotage & blocks; open up for more opportunities, to receive their flow of finances with ease & fun, to flourish while making a difference in others lives.
Make accessing support easy to entrepreneurs, thus helping them unleash their potential, to flourish professionally & financially through their contribution is my Vision.
My Values are flourishing, Autonomy, Impact.
Flourishment, it is my priority to help leaders get crystal clear on their aim, to direct their focus intentionally where it is needed, in order to flourish as they grow in their personal & business lives …
Autonomy, I help every leader to better manage their resources in order to be prosperous & autonomous.
Impact, It is my drive to help every leader make a difference in those lives around them.
Helping entrepreneurs make more money from their passion with ease & fun, without burnout is what I love to do.
Hence, It’s my joy to support you create & sustain more wealth with ease, achieve your type of success, become more Efficient & Autonomous,…
I am here to lead you into alignment & Fulfillment, release your potential & impact our world, sharing your gifts through your Contribution.
Ready for this challenge? Let’s connect & get you started!


Jonathan S. Laval (QC) – CA

Thanks to Cecile, I made peace with my past. I had repeated and lived the same vicious circle over and over again because I was not aware of my addiction to negative feelings and resentments.
This peace went through the confrontation of my limited & false beliefs, accepting my way of thinking and changing my way of thinking. Once I have forgiven myself, I could forgive others!
I freed myself and gave way to the person I really wanted to be. I am very positive, I sleep better, I live better and I attract everything I want with ease.
Thank you Cecile

Monica Q. Texas, US

I lived a professional experience which I felt like a failure and for which I had kept resentments.
My work with Cecile helped me to face my feelings and make peace with myself. I am now serenely looking back on this, and feel grown up.
Cecile is very attentive and her work is done gently and thoroughly. I was a little curious and puzzled at first when I accepted Cecile’s services, but I am now very happy to have used it. Thank you for everything!

Eric K. Montreal (QC) – CA

I am very proud and happy to have started this process. Here is the list of actions accomplished just since this month, that we have started the program:
1) I made several commitments in my company that I knew how to respect.
2) I take the time to use the tools of the program and this boosts my confidence and self-esteem.
3) I notice a difference in all spheres of my life:
* my relationships have become very fruitful towards my daughter, my spouse, my mother, my brothers and even my employees.
* I have more clarity in my life too, I make decisions that allow me to focus on growth rather than destruction.
I feel calm and in control of my emotions. Able to have meaningful discussions at times that could have been stressful.
Thank you Cécile for the time and your support, I really appreciate it!

Daniella M. Maryland, US

Dear Cecile,
I have just got a 3000 $ out of the blue…
After completing our session last week, a client reach out to me and signup to my 1:1 program and paid in full!
Thank you so much for your time and great work with me.
I have enjoyed all of our sessions together and will use for life, the techniques, and tools you have taught me.
with a heart filled compassion, joy and love,
yours’s truly

Odilia M. – CA, US

When I met Cecile, I was in a depressed, very anxious, and had moved away from most of my relationships.
At the beginning of the program, she first helped me to identify, then to free myself from all the traumas that were causing me to stress, resulting from my different challenges and deceptions in life.

Very compassionate, professional and attentive; Cecile was quick to give me the necessary support in my transformation process.

I am now very fulfilled, I have great confidence in myself and in my abilities, I now feel strong and ready to lead my life and accomplish my projects …
Thank you Cecile for your support.

Alice G. Montreal (QC) – CA

I started the coaching program with Cecile, following several disappointments in love, I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 2 years and I was very affected because it was repetitive in my experience.
Thanks to her support, I was able to meet the love of my life; and during the last week of the 90 days of the program, the practical week of focus that she suggested I do allowed me to have a promotion at my work with a bonus of $ 5,000 ….
Investing in this program was the best investment I have ever made for myself in my life
Thank you Cecile for your support and all that we have been able to achieve during our collaboration …

Sophia, C. A

“Cecile has been my Life Coach over the past three months and it is absolutely true that the timing of this connection and process has been exquisite. From the first time we connected, I was impressed with her quiet yet authentic demeanor, her intelligence, and her fine ability to be an objective listener. Every exchange has been filled with integrity that has made these sessions a safe haven and invaluable. Cecile has graciously challenged me to rise and experience my own evolution and potential. Thanks Cecile for this honor and gift.”  — Sophia C.

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