If you’ve ever thought, “It’s okay for them; they’re luckier, smarter, more connected than me,” know that it’s just that they’re probably working with their path of least resistance, not against it. In fact, negative money habits can be nasty little gremlins that pop up again and again. Do you recognize any of these?

  • You splurge on a beautiful new handbag even though bills are overdue…
  • Hoard every cent even though you haven’t taken a vacation in five years…
  • Resist hiring any help in your business because you believe you should be able to do it all yourself.

Whatever your money habits, I bet you’re pretty familiar with them and how they show up. You want to have a free and easy relationship with money, but it can feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The truth is that we often make our money decisions on autopilot. Our habits and beliefs about money can be ingrained in our personality and completely unique to you. And our money personality is shaped by so many things – our upbringing, experiences, beliefs, and your Money Archetype.

So, what can you do if you feel out of control and unhappy about the decisions you make around money? Discovering your unique money personality will help you overcome your money challenges and sabotages AND earn more money. Self-awareness, knowledge is power, knowing them really shines a light on what’s already working about your personality and your relationship with money. Being aware of your own special combination gives you all insights to deal with your particular challenges and you learn to get what you want based on your unique gifts and start earning more by leveraging your money strengths, while compensating for your weaknesses. Starting a new chapter with money and overcoming sabotaging blocks and beliefs starts with knowing your Money Archetype and what it means for your relationship with money.

What are Money Archetypes?

Money Archetypes are our perceived way of being in the world around finances. This means how you think, feel, and behave with money. They are about how you relate to money and wealthSo, discovering and working with these archetypes will affect all areas of your life and business, since how you do one thing is how you do everything. There are 8 unique Money Personalities or Archetypes that shape your money habits and money goals. You might wonder if it’s even possible to reset your money story, especially if you feel like your habits are deeply ingrained.

Everyone has a unique combination of these eight money personality types on how they behaved around finances. Knowing your unique path to wealth help learning how you naturally let money flow or repel money. The way you run your business needs to be aligned with your unique money personality. The way you professionally market your skills has also to be aligned with your unique money personality. You can’t blindly follow generic advice or copy someone else’s attitude as it might be completely wrong for your particular archetype. So, knowing and understanding your money personality will set you on your path of least resistance to more money. Learning to leverage your strengths will make business or professional life and earnings so much easier, fun, and profitable.

You’ll be able to:

  • earn more money from your natural strengths,
  • Understanding your unique gifts,
  • overcoming money challenges,
  • create the perfect role for your unique money personality.

your true personality is a combination of your top three archetypes.

Here are a brief summary of the 8 money archetypes:

The Accumulator – The Inner Banker : If you have this personality, you have a natural ability to create financial stability, saving, investing, and accumulating money look easy!

The Alchemist – The Inner Idealist: Someone who transforms things for the better through a seemingly magical process. If you’re an Alchemist, your way of relating to money can be very interesting indeed!

The Celebrity – The Inner Big Shot you were born to be a STAR! You have no problem spending money to enhance your self-image or status.

The Connector – The Inner Relationship Creator: You always put people and relationships first. As a Connector, you’re smart enough to know that the relationships you form can also be a “connection” to bringing in the money.

The Maverick – The Inner Rebel. You may not always be the most consistent with money, but you DO know how to attract it, make it, and use it to push ahead of the crowd, even when there’s risk involved. In fact, you LOVE risk! Self-sabotage…fighting to make a difference & frustrated no to be consistent with money.

The Nurturer – The Inner Sponsor has a strong compulsion, need, and commitment to care for others. This can come at your own expense and your own needs. The NURTURER cares about money and appreciates it.

The Romantic – The Inner Hedonist. The pursuit of luxury and comfort is extremely important for you if you have this personality- luxurious chilled life. It also shows up for me as laziness!

The Ruler – The Inner Empire Builder – And the workaholic: You LOVE empowering people and enriching their lives through your business or your professional leadership as a Ruler. You thrive on creating, innovating, and building something of lasting value.

How do Money Archetypes affect your business or your professional life?

Your Money Archetype impacts everything in your business or life in general. How you market yourself professional, the type of job you settle for or the salary you ask for or the way you commit to your work, how you price your products and services, and how much you allow yourself to earn. The difference between those who continue to struggle (maybe their whole lives) and those who interrupt the pattern and turn things around is this: People who become incredibly successful with money honor their true selves and their values. The truth is – you’re a unique combination of all 8 archetypes, and knowing your profile is a game-changer as it affect the way you spend or how much you earn money.

How to use your Sacred Money Archetype?

Learning to leverage your strengths and run your business or your career in alignment with your personality is the key to earning more money without burnout. Working with you own money archetype will shift everything as it’s like a personalized blueprint for success, helping you to leverage things that comes easily to you, without self-sabotage.

Finally, to make real progress it’s necessary to find your path of least resistance and focus on your unique gifts, rather than doing things outside of your zone of genius, knowing about your Money Archetypes is really a game changer since it’s help you shift focus to work on your strengths instead of battling your weaknesses.

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