90 Days Intensive 1:1 Coaching for Life Vision Transformation


My complete step-by-step program that helps you align with the wealthier future self and call in flow with ease and fun.

You get to be aware of how you are getting on your own way to the flow of your desires;

then, I share tools for instant alignment, exercises designed to help you break the cycle so, you will easily receive what you want to create in your life instead of what is showing up by default….
This is the longest way to work with me and create sustainable routine, new patterns which will empower you as highlighted in this testimonial of Eric: K. from Montreal (QC)-CA:
“I am very proud & happy to have started this process. Here is the list of actions done just since this month, that we have started the program :
1) I have made several commitments in my company that I knew how to respect them.
2) I have took the time to use the tools of this program, as results of this my level of confidence and self-esteem has boosted significantly and my productivity as I am embracing smart working instead of long Hard work. I use to do.
3) I am noticing a difference in all areas of my life:
* my relationships have become very fruitful towards my daughter, my spouse, my mother, my brothers and even my employees.
* I have more clarity in my life too, I make decisions that allow me to focus on growth rather than destruction.
I feel calm and in control of my emotions. Able to have meaningful discussions at times that could have been stressful.
Thank you Cecile for the time and your support, I really appreciate it!”
Here is the content:
* 1 personalized coaching session 60 mins per week, for 12 weeks of this program.
* 7 emails per week, sharing tools & exercises facilitating your transformation process. Those tools are lifetime, to use when needing to re-calibrate and focus.
Email support on weekdays, with a 24-hour maximum responsive timeline.

Payment plan available. Ready to Become Magnetic to your wealth?
Let’s team to get you there…..


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