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If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.  W. L. Bateman

My name is Cecile Kaptcheu, I am a life coach. I help professionals and Directors, increase their wealth with ease and fun while working less than usual.

Through my coaching programs, my clients experience a net improvement in their financial situation on a scale of 80-100% within time range of 30 to 90 days.

By wealth, I obviously mean finance but also:

  • Harmony in personal and business relationships
  • A thriving business or career illustrated by increase in income and a growing clientele, who come to you and pay you against your invoices submission;  because they are happy with their experiences and refer their contacts to you.
  • Harmony with yourself & your loved ones as well as total satisfaction in your chosen activity  to contribute to the world.

Private Sessions Outlines

  • I meet my clients either in person for those in Montreal (QC), who wish to, or via Skype, Zoom/phone in a private setting.
  • Here below, are the three ways to work with me.


It’s my passion to help you; make the choice today! Give your unique and brilliant potential the boost it deserves!

Change today for a happier tomorrow!

I am committed to helping you create more wealth easily like you have never thought possible!

Ready to take the challenge? Let’s get connected via your free consultation here!


One hour of Virtual Wealth activation Private Session - Phone or Zoom

Ready to radically improve your current reality? Are you ready to ease your journey as smoothly as possible? Or are you just looking for clarity for your next steps, whatever you want? I am right here for you.

Let’s connect to help you make that difference you are longing for, from now on …

You will be amazed at the result and the value of our time spent together.

Here are the 3 values ​​with which you will leave this call:

1) Clarity, clear ideas of what you really want, deep down within yourself.

2) Actions, you can take the next day to move towards achieving those priorities or vision.

3) Tools that help you sustain your plan to achieving your aim, specially if you are good at this step of support…

Ready for this challenge? Book your slot; and I would be happy to share these 60 minutes meaningful for the rest of your journey, and co-constructing added value so you can smoothly move along enjoying your life like never before


30 days personalized program, focusing on your pressing financial boost .



Immediate boost on your finances with a focus on opening up to opportunities, as well as promotions or career advancement.

This personalized journey of 4 weeks is guarantee to deliver spectacular results such as that of David here:

*  25% growth in revenue and 20% increase in clients list; compared to previous months, while working less than usual.

* Fast track payments records noticed, from clients who usually pay late.

* Feels more motivated and harmonious, with much clarity in his decisions and personal relationships.

Here is the content:

  • A personalized coaching session each week of 60 mins.
  • 5 emails per week, sharing tools and exercises to facilitate transformation process. Those tools are lifetime, to use when needing to re-calibrate focus.
  • Email support on weekdays, with a 24-hour maximum of answering your questions if necessary.
  • Investment $ 500 paid in full when starting the program.

let’s connect through a free strategy call for more details …


12 Weeks Intensive One on One Coaching for Total Transformation

My complete step-by-step program that helps you align with your wealthier future self and call in your flow with ease and fun.

  • Here is where we play, with quantum leaping your goals and dreams while having fun, You get to be aware of how you are getting on your way to the flow of your desires; then, I share tools for instant alignment, exercises designed to help you quantum leaps what you want to create in your life instead of what is showing up by default….
  • What is a quantum leap? Going from one reality to a different one very quickly, so that you don’t need to wait to have your wants, you own them from the moment you are clear on exactly what you want, and move from inspiration so that it can flow to you easily….
  • You create and sustain a deep emotional health and harmony with yourself and others around you, setting healthy boundaries and higher value of yourself with anyone around. from your personal life to professional or business life.
  • You uncover and release your blocks and subconscious beliefs which are the roots causes of  you repealing your flow of money, love, any desires you want by creating the same results aver and over in your life.
  • You get also to uncover and release any resistance you may have resulting from past negative experiences or childhood traumas; so that you can achieve the desired results in your life and above all, be motivated to do whatever is needed for your evolution …..
  • This is the longest way to work with me and create sustainable routine and new patterns which will help you be empowered as this testimonial of Eric: K. from Montreal (QC)-CA: “I am very proud and happy to have started this process. Here is the list of actions accomplished just since this month, that we have started the program:

    1) I made several commitments in my company that I knew how to respect.
    2) I took the time to use the tools of this program and this has boosted my level of confidence and self-esteem.
    3) I am noticing a difference in all areas of my life:
    * my relationships have become very fruitful towards my daughter, my spouse, my mother, my brothers and even my employees.
    * I have more clarity in my life too, I make decisions that allow me to focus on growth rather than destruction.
    I feel calm and in control of my emotions. Able to have meaningful discussions at times that could have been stressful.
    Thank you Cecile for the time and your support, I really appreciate it!

Here is the content:

  • 1 personalized coaching session each week of 60 mins for the 12 weeks of this program.
  • 5 emails per week, sharing tools and exercises to facilitate transformation process. Those tools are lifetime, to use when needing to re-calibrate your focus.
  • Email support on weekdays, with a 24-hour maximum of answering your questions if necessary
  • Investment $ 4000, payment plan available, For more details, reserve your free consultation now 

Private Mentor-ship Program

This is a Private Mentor-ship program with Cecile. This program is designed for my clients who, upon completing the 12-weeks Total Transformation program; feels a need of  additional guidance or support in their personal daily life experience; since everyone is at different stage of their journey.

 It my joy to provide them with additional support through mentoring; so that they move from theory to practical application in their daily experiences and achieve a permanent transformation.

This program includes a one-on-one private bi-monthly coaching session. It is designed to provide deep intimate support in a setting of in-person session counseling for clients in Montreal and over the phone, Skype, Zoom for clients abroad.

At the end of your mentoring program, we will celebrate your total transformation. It is a powerful investment in you, your life, your family and your future, which will bring you enjoyment for the rest of your life. This program is currently complete. Book your free consultation session to join my waiting list.

Choose to change today for a happier tomorrow!